January 05, 2019

It doesn’t have to be the gift-giving season to treat yourself with these must-have fountain pen accessories.

If you have been using fountain pens for a few weeks now, you probably already know that there are many different accessories that help make the experience of using a fountain pen easier. And to help everyone who’s just starting to learn some tricks to make their writing a lot better, we listed five of the most essential fountain pen accessories you should buy this year!

Cotton Swabs

Fountain pen accessory

As you probably already know, cotton swabs (like Q-Tips) have many different uses around the house. It’s no different in the world of fountain pens. Most people use them for swabbing ink onto paper. This gives you a good idea of what an ink looks like without having to fill a pen with it. Cotton swabs can also be used for cleaning a pen’s exterior or ink from the inside of a cap. These are the main things that I use them for, but I’m sure there are many other uses as well. I’d suggest picking up a small travel box of cotton swabs that you can keep with your fountain pen supplies.

Bulb Syringe

fountain pen accessory

A squeeze bulb is an extremely useful tool for pen cleaning. You just have to suck a bunch of water into it and then force water through a nib, quickly washing out any ink that’s hiding inside. The small tip should fit perfectly into most pen sections, allowing all of the water to go directly through the nib and not flow out of the top. Just be careful that you hold on to the nib so it doesn’t go flying into your sink when you squeeze the bulb.

Ink Vials

fountain pen accessory

If you ever want to give or receive ink samples, you’re going to need some small vials. The most popular size is the 5ml vial with a screw-top lid. These are what all of the major pen retailers use for their ink samples, which means they get shipped all over the world and rarely leak. Still, it’s best to exercise some caution and assume the vials might leak since they occasionally do. But if you’re buyingDryden Designs inks, we already have ink refills injected in cartridges.

Mylar Paper

fountain pen accessory

Mylar papers are like film sheets that have a smooth side and the opposite is abrasive. Some fountain pen owners use this sheet to “smooth” their nibs. But you will need to take some caution and need a lot of patience when working with the Mylar paper.

To test, you simply hold your inked-up pen as you normally would, and lightly make lines or any pattern on a paper. If your nib feels consistent or not scratchy and the lines you make are aligned, then your nib is perfectly smoothed.

Carrying or Fountain Pen Case 

fountain pen accessory

Any fountain pen user will need a pen case, most especially when you’re collecting expensive pens or when you need to bring your pens with you in a workshop, a pen show or a meeting. This accessory will even ensure thelongevity of your precious fountain pen. A carrying case/pouch would be perfect. Try a leather case to make you look classier and choose the one with more than 5 slots. For sure, you will fuss about having a bigger one when you’ve decided to pursue your fountain pen addiction.

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