November 29, 2018

Is it time to sell your calligraphy?

More and more people seem to be engrossed in Calligraphy and many of them have big plans on business-making using their art.

So after reading and following our “5 PRACTICE HACKS TO PERFECT CALLIGRAPHY IN NO TIME,” you somehow mastered the art and everyone noticed that you have improved a lot. They praise your art. They want to book you to do a project. They encourage you to start putting up your own calligraphy services business.

Calligraphy with Dryden Design

But are you really ready to enter the small business world?

There are 3 telltale signs that will confirm, “Yes, you are ready. Get that hand and fountain pen to work and make a lot of money out of your calligraphy!” These three are:

1. You Are Confident That You Can Create Calligraphy And Everyone Confirms it

Your calligraphy doesn’t have to be out-of-this-world or one-of-a-kind when it comes to style for you to be able to sell it.

Know that there are already millions of people starting their calligraphy hobby and thousands of them already started their business based on this art. Hence, writing styles will always have a twin somewhere out there.

And besides, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” If you put some character to your work and do a good job at creating what people like, they will surely buy from you.

And then you’ll know that your calligraphy is ready to go out to the world!

But how do you make this happen?

Choose a style you want to focus on. Do a writing exercise every day until you can feel proud of your work.

2. You Already Have a Clear Idea on What Product/Service You Will Sell

To open up a business, first, you must have a product or a service you can sell to your target market.

    So how do you do this?

    Think about what group of people you want to work with in contracts. Do you want to work with party organizers and create invitations, food labels, menus or tags for them?
    Or maybe you want to cater to the growingDryden Designs BoJourn lovers group and sell them your DIY mini journals with your quotes on each page as a backdrop.

    Calligraphy with Dryden

    Or perhaps you just want to help others grow in calligraphy too and share them how your own strategies and stages of learning by holding workshops.

    There are gazillion ways you can make money with calligraphy. All you have to do is to find out which field you are good at, focus on it, perfect it, then sell it!

    3. And of Course, You Need to Have a Selling Process

    So you already know that have a good handwriting, you can play well with thebest fountain pens, you already decided on what product/service/field you will focus on, but what’s next?

    Calligraphy with Dryden

    Every business needs to have a system for it to survive the oversaturated market of calligraphy.

    Think about whether you’ll go online or you want to do a face-to-face transaction with your clients. For tutorials, you can opt for online courses or hold a mass workshop. You can also put up a shopping website where you display all of your work to sell. Or you can get contracts and work personally with clients to give them custom-services, depending on their requirements.

    Decide on payment options too!

    Have a rock-solid process ready to go, and give the client a good idea of that process ahead of time in your item description. The more well-thought-out your selling process is, the more trust you’ll elicit from the client.

    And the best sign to determine whether you are ready to start your calligraphy business? Your funds!

    These signs will give you your go signal to starting your venture. Be a confident artisan, evaluate yourself with each of these points and start making a profit out of your art.

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